SAFTRA Photonics and PickMol technology application: State-of-Art Control of Water Quality in Moldova

SAFTRA Photonics and PickMol technology application: State-of-Art Control of Water Quality in Moldova



Saftra Photonics performed with support of UNDP, Slovak Aid and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic water quality monitoring in Republic of Moldova by using its innovative technology PickMol. The PickMol technology a sensor-based screening was applied between 05/2022- 10/2022 in 27 different country locations covering all regular monitoring spots selected by partner Environmental Agency of the Republic of Moldova (EA) (see Figure 1). In accordance with national guidance/regulation for surface water quality management it has been selected specific chemical micropollutants 4,4′-DDT, 4,4′-DDE, Dieldrin, Aldrin, Lindane, Glyphosate, Paraquat, Diquat, Thiram (for ex. see results for Glyphosate-table 1).

The PickMol technology has been presented in laboratory of EA (Figure 2.) and consecutively tested for terrain analyses of the selected contaminants. Totally 350 water samples have been analysed in the field to check the modus operandi, reproducibility, analytical robustness, easy to use and sensitivity. The detection system PickMol RAMASCOPE was modified for sending of the measured data to the data cloud. The corresponding data cloud was established and the PickMol software was adapted for sending of raw data from the field to the dedicated data cloud (See Figure 3 – RAMASCOPE detection unit during field measurement). The accessibility of clouded data(results), connectivity and functionality of detection system has been successfully demonstrated and approved both in the field and in central laboratory of EA.

PickMol technology has clearly demonstrated its practical utilization with heigh level of accuracy and efficiency for application mentioned in the article (See Figure 4 and 5- Measurement in the field). PickMol technology can be used in the field of the environment and also in the field of production processes for monitoring product quality and operating costs management.

Figure 1: Sampling sites in Moldova


No. of the sample Sampling site Result (Glyphosate detection)
PickMolTM technology
1 River Ichel (Goieni) YES (detected) > LOD
2 Lake Dubăsari (Dubăsari) YES (detected) > LOD
3 River Ichel (Greblești) NO (not detected)  
4 Lake Costești (Costești) YES (detected) > LOD
5 River Prut (Branişte) YES (detected) > LOD
6 River Cubolta (Mărășești) YES (detected) ≥ LOD
7 River Căinar (Gura Căinarului) NO (not detected) Upstream*
8 River Bîc (Floreni) NO (not detected) Downstream*, after sewage treatment plant
9 River Bîc (Chisinau) YES (detected) Upstream*, after sewage treatment plant
10 Lake Ghidighici (Vatra) NO (not detected)  
11 River Bîc (Străşeni) YES (detected) ≥ LOD
12 River Botna (Căușeni) YES (detected) Upstream*
13 River Cogâlnic (Cimișlia) YES (detected) Upstream*
14 Lake Comrat (Comrat) YES (detected) ≥ LOD
15 Lake Congaz (Congaz) YES (detected) ≥ LOD
16 Lake Taraclia (Taraclia) YES (detected) > LOD
17 River Prut (Valea Mare) YES (detected) > LOD
18 River Varsava (Valea Mare) No sampling location – river was dried out
19 River Prut (Ungheni) YES (detected) Upstream*
20 River Cogâlnic (Cișmea) NO (not detected) Upstream*
21 River Prut (Leova) NO (not detected)  
22 River Lăpușna (Sărata-Răzeși) NO (not detected)  
23 River Larga (Chircani) NO (not detected)  
24 River Dniester (Vadul lui Vodă) NO (not detected)  
25 River Răut (Ustia) YES (detected) ≥ LOD
26 River Răut (Orhei) YES (detected) Downstream*
27 River Răut (Orhei) NO (not detected) Upstream*

Table 1: Summary of the results of the Glyphosate analysis


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