SAFTRA photonics builds US-connections

Feb 28, 2018

As a part of the NanoScreen product strategy, the company has started its active presence on the North American continent. With the kind support of the Slovak-American Foundation the team has participated to two business trips in February 2018. Pavol Miskovsky and Daniel Jancura joined the 62nd Biophysical Society Meeting in San Francisco. Their primary goal was to present NanoScreen technology advancements and build strategic alliance for further research and technical development. They also used the opportunity to meet Marco Leona from scientific research department of the Metropolitan Museum in NY. They discussed common activities in the cultural heritage application of the NanoScreen technology. PITCON2018 – a major analytical chemistry conference and exposition was in focus of Miroslav Konecny. There were couple of NanoScreen related workshops on environmental analytics, new pollutants detection and advances in Raman spectrometry. They all proven the demand for a fast and sensitive solution for reasonable costs, we call it NanoScreen! The exhibition presented several prospective partners in domain of Raman Spectrometry from all over the world discussing the one-box system solution. The company plans to exhibit and showcase the NanoScreen product on the PITCON 2019.