End-to-end detection system introduced

Sep 18, 2018

First of its kind analytical detection system for low concentrations of organic substances in water was introduced by SAFTRA photonics. As the company CEO Pavol Miskovsky said, it is a milestone for the worldwide analytical industry.  

By scaling a complex laboratory for water pollution testing into a suitcase size the detection system brings the analysis to the source and allows great flexibility, speed and sensitivity for customers and analytical service providers. The sensitivity thresholds can be set up to part-per-billion – allowing addressing most critical applications in drinking water supplies, food and beverage industry or environmental protection. The system builds on plasmon nano-photonics technology (patent pending) and innovative Raman detection system that allows selective detection of trace quantities of organic molecules in a different environment. Water is the first target medium.

The system will be presented for the first time to the public on the China International Industry Fair in Shanghai on 19-23 September 2018. Please address the test case requests on: maros.chromik(at)saftra-photonics.org